The Theatre Studies Programme of the Mediterranean Institute, University of Malta, will be organising a Summer University of Performing Arts at the MITP Theatre in Valletta, Malta, throughout the month of August 2005. The 2005 Edition of the Summer University will be dedicated to Theatre Craft. The Summer University of Performing Arts will be organised with the collaboration of Koperattiva Kulturali Universitarja and is co-ordinated by Icarus Performance Project (Malta) and C.I.R.T. Centro Indipendente Ricerca Teatrale (Milan).


The Official Sponsors and Supporters of SUPA are:
Koperattiva Kulturali Universitarja
The Malta Council for Culture and the Arts
Ministry of Education, Youth, and Employment
Bank of Valletta
Manoel Theatre
Icarus Performance Project (Malta)
C.I.R.T. Centro Indipendente Ricerca Teatrale (Milan)



The aim of the Summer University of Performing Arts is to disseminate and to reinforce a culture of professionalism in the Maltese performing arts scene. It will also seek to provide Maltese performers and aspiring performers with an opportunity to develop their skills and to encounter at close quarters an international professional performance company. The Summer University is also expected to promote the new performative profile of the Theatre Studies Programme.



The Summer University will incorporate a number of craft-specific workshops (including physical, vocal, and performance work) as well as a programme of performative presentations (including work demonstrations and performance works). Some of these performative presentations will be open exclusively to the Summer University participants, others to the general public. The Summer University will also create space for work exchanges between theatre groups to be held. It will also include the possibility of other public presentations by other Maltese and/or international theatre groups. Though the Summer University edition of this year is mainly aimed at a Maltese subscription, the presence of international participants has already been confirmed through a collaboration with the University of Verona as well as individual established theatre practitioners.



The main tutors of the Summer University are Frank Camilleri Ph.D., Co-ordinator of Theatre Studies Programme and Artistic Director of Icarus Performance Project (Malta), and Mario Ruggeri, Artistic Director of C.I.R.T. Centro Indipendente Ricerca Teatrale (Milan). The Main Tutors will be assisted by Assistant Tutors from Icarus Project and C.I.R.T.