Date: Monday 22 – Friday 26 August 2005
Time: 10:00 – 15:00
Venue: MITP Theatre

 International exchange:

The idea for the workshop developed from a collaboration between C.I.R.T. and the University of Verona, but it soon developed to incorporate a wider international scope. The main aim of the International University is to exchange expertise across national borders. Another central objective of the International University is to situate Malta within the European geography of Culture and the Arts. For this first edition of the SUPA International University the participants will include mature students from the Theatre studies of the University of Verona and a number of individual theatre practitioners from Italy, France and Greece.


 Workshop Content:

The workshop will focus on actor-training techniques. A set number of exercises will be transmitted with the aim of equipping participants with skills and tools that are essential to the craft of theatre. These exercises are aimed at enhancing physical flexibility, flow of energy, attention, interaction, and sensitivity to tempo and rhythm. This work will also serve as a basis for improvisatory skills within a disciplined structure as well as a springboard for vocal and song sessions. Vocal and song techniques (such as text articulation, voice projection, rhythm) will be transmitted within the parameters of the work on intentions and physical actions.
The workshop, of ca 30 hours duration, is limited to 16 participants and 3 observers. It will include various demonstrations of work.


Mario Ruggeri, Centro Indipendente Ricerca Teatrale (Milano).
Frank Camilleri, Theatre Studies Programme, University of Malta.



150 Euro (50% payable by 15 July 2005)
Reservations should be sent to:
Via Ricotti N° 11 C.A.P. 20158 Milano. ITALY.
+ 39  338 1473590
+ 39  02 39324409


Reservations will confirmed on receipt of 50% of the fee (i.e. a deposit of 75 euros per participant) by 15 July.
If the reservation is cancelled anytime up till 1 August, they will get back 60% of the deposit (i.e. 45 euros).
It will not be possible to reclaim any part of the deposit if the reservation is cancelled after 01 August.



Mario Ruggeri has been a professional actor since 1985. From 1985 he worked with Gabriele Calindri, Gabriele Vacis, Ludvic Flaszen, Abani Biswas, Marcel li Antunez, Elio de Capitani, Gey Pin Ang, Nhandan Chirco. In 2001 he founded C.I.R.T. Centro Indipendente Ricerca Teatrale. Since 2001 C.I.R.T. has been based in Milan, travelling to Poland, Sicily, France, Malta and Spain to lead workshops as well as to hold exchanges with Theatre groups and present their work.

Frank Camilleri has been doing theatre since 1989. He has performed, delivered workshops and theory courses in Malta and abroad since 1994. He is Artistic Director of Icarus Performance Project (Malta) and Acting Coordinator of the Theatre Studies Programme at the University of Malta where he specialises in the praxis of theatre-making. For more information visit: .